Self Defense and Political Correctness

A while back the local news was following a story on concealed carry in Michigan and the reporter on the street was asking the opinions of passersby. I vividly remember one interviewee (a middle aged woman) commenting that, “she could never take the life of another person, even in self defense.” The reporter prodded further, “But, what if they are trying to kill you?” “Well,” she continued, “then they’ll just have to kill me.”

Sounds noble, doesn’t it? It has an air of “moral superiority” to it. That somehow it is better to die than to defend yourself. Had I been that reporter, I would have posed a follow up question. “What if someone was trying to kill your child, or your grand babies? What then?” Although I can’t know for certain, I believe that slight alteration would be a “game changer” for that woman. Either that, or she is totally disingenuous – which is possible.

We have an obligation, a moral duty if you will, to protect the ones for whom we are responsible. I know of no one who would not “fight to the death” to protect their loved ones from serious harm. I have a hunch that this “noble sounding” woman would be included. But, don’t we also have that same duty to protect ourselves, and for the very same reasons? What happens to our loved ones if something happens to us? Growing up without a mother or father and all of the resources that she or he provides (love, knowledge, encouragement, finances, etc) can have very serious consequences. Society proves this.

The “holier-than-thou” P.C.┬ápolice would have us believe that it is better to be the “noble victim” than the “capable survivor”. But you have to ask yourself, “what’s so noble about leaving my wife/husband a widow, or my children fatherless/motherless?” What’s so sanctified about not being around to love and care for your family – if you had the means and the will to prevent it?

Yes, a human life is precious and irreplaceable, and no one has the right to take another person’s life without just cause or due process. The right to self defense is intrinsic, however. And the moment someone tries to take the life of another without just cause or due process, that person’s right to defend themselves by whatever means necessary supersedes all else. It is not a question of “nobility”, it is a question of survival.

Stay safe,

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