NRA – Personal Protection In The Home

CLASS Prerequisites

  • IT is the RESPONSIBILITY of the student to ensure that they meet the federal and state requirements for this training. There will be firearms present and the students will be required to fire a minimum of 90 rounds to receive certification. The staff cannot and will not be held accountable for ensuring that the students are legally allowed to handle firearms.
  • Release of Liability and Hold Harmless. The student will be responsible to read and sign the release waiver forms prior to instruction. This will be done on site, the day of the class, before instruction begins.
  • Registration Fee. A NON-Refundable registration fee of $30 must be received no later than 24 hours before the class begins and the balance is payable on the day of class, before instruction begins.


The purpose of this class is to deliver the NRA’s Basic Personal Protection in the Home training course. This course also serves to satisfy the state of Michigan requirement for application for your Concealed Pistol License. This class in itself should not be considered the entire capstone of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for your decision to carry a personal protection firearm outside of the home. Remember, you should always continue to train, practice, and continually familiarize yourself with applicable state and local laws, which can and do change frequently.

Student Requirement

Students must be a US Citizen, or legal resident alien, 21 years of age, of good moral character, and law-abiding citizens as defined by federal, state, and local laws. There must be NO disqualifying factors for you to possess or handle a firearm as described by state law. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you meet this requirement. Prior familiarity with firearms safety and operation is required. This can be satisfied with prior completion of the NRA Basic Pistol Course, NRA Pistol First Steps Course, or appropriate military service showing either a Military ID or DD form 214. If you do not meet this requirement, please let the instructor know so we can coordinate some additional training for you prior to the class.

Training Location

The class will be conducted on a single day and may take up to 10 hours comprising both classroom and range instruction. In most cases, the range and classroom will be at two different locations – this requires the trainee to have adequate transportation available to him or her. It is strongly advised that you bring something to take notes during the class. A yellow Highlighter is also recommended. It is important to understand that ABSOLUTELY NO AMMUNITION WILL BE BROUGHT INTO THE CLASSROOM!


Students are permitted to bring to class with them a properly operating and legally owned firearm for use on the range. This should be a semi-automatic pistol or revolver chambered in .380 ACP,  9mm,  .38 Spl,  .40 S&W,  .10mm or  .45 ACP. All firearms brought in for training will be inspected by the training staff prior to use on the range. Only Factory ammunition is permitted – no reloads! If you do not have a firearm to use, there will be some Fantastic .22LR Pistols available for use at NO CHARGE! This is one of the many value adds with our training. It is also recommended that you consider this option if you are new to shooting or are not very familiar with your own pistol. Remember – unless you are a current CPL holder, it may be unlawful for you to borrow a pistol from someone else unless they are with you and they transport it.

Guests / Family Members / Friends

Students are discouraged from bringing non-student guests into the classroom. This often creates a distraction to the student, other students, and the instructors.

Classroom Etiquette

We require that all cell phones be placed on mute and stowed while class is in session. We understand that emergencies may happen and you may need to still be available to others. Breaks will be provided hourly during which time you may use your phone, etc. IF, however, you must take a call during class, please excuse yourself from the classroom and take your call. No texting or using your phone or any other non class related devices and materials during this class.

Payment does not guarantee successful completion

It is our goal to impart to you, the student, the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes as described in the lesson plans. To accomplish this, we will be following the NRA’s Total Participant Involvement method with the students to maximize the training session and knowledge transfer. Students must expect to provide feedback and be called upon for active involvement. We train to standard and not to time. Students will also have to demonstrate proper safe firearms procedures while on the range. Students that show a lack of participation, lack of safe firearm handling, or overall non-involvement in the class may find that a certificate will not be awarded. This is solely at the discretion of the training staff. No refunds will be given.

Legal Implications of carrying a personal protection firearm

This class in and of itself does NOT give you the permission to carry a firearm or use deadly force. This class follows the lesson plans of the NRA as it pertains to the subject matter of personal protection in the home – which also happens to be the state minimum requirement for firearms safety training to apply for your CPL. This class will have a section devoted to current law, but it is YOUR decision to carry and YOU are held responsible for your actions. IT is also YOUR responsibility to continue to train, practice, and keep current on the use of deadly force and the legal matters pertaining to your decision to carry a concealed firearm. After this class, if you decide to obtain a CPL, you must file a CPL application with the county where you reside. The bottom line in this message is that the training staff will NOT be held responsible for your actions or lack of knowledge as it pertains to the legal use of force or any other actions you may take.

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