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NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation

Course Length—3 hours. Acquire the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to own and use a specific pistol model safely. This course is designed for individuals or couples who have recently acquired a handgun and have little or no experience. Includes: NRA student handbook, NRA safety publications, personalized instruction and range coaching.

Cost—$60.00 plus range fees. Prerequisites—none.

NRA Home Firearm Safety

Course Length—4 hours. Learn the basic knowledge and skills, and acquire the attitude necessary for safe handling and storage of guns in the home. This course can be taught in groups of 5 to 25. It is all classroom instruction and no personal firearms are to be brought to class. Instructors will provide demonstration firearms. Includes NRA student handbook, NRA safety publications, group instruction and hands-on demonstration.

Cost—$60.00. Prerequisites—none.

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

Course Length—8 hours. Obtain the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Course is suitable for groups of 5 or more and covers multiple handgun types. Classroom and range time are required. Includes NRA student handbook, NRA safety publications, group instruction, hands-on demonstrations and practical application (range). Course is frequently conducted in a single day depending on class size. Larger classes may be completed in 2 days with classroom time separate from range day.

Cost—$120.00 incl. range fees. Prerequisites—none.

NRA Personal Protection In the Home - Basic CPL / CCW

Course Length— Minimum 10 hours. Develop the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a firearm for protection of self and family, and acquire information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense. The course is open to law-abiding adult citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law, and are not prohibited from possessing firearms. This course meets the training requirements for obtaining a state of Michigan Concealed Pistol License. This course includes classroom instruction and range time, and assumes some prior experience with the pistol you will be using. Competency is subject to instructor verification through documentation of prior course work or demonstration of ability. Includes NRA student handbook, NRA publications, information on concealed carry, and practical application (range). Course is usually conducted in a single day with classroom and range time on the same day. Larger size classes (8 or more) may be better served by a 2 day format with range time on a separate day.

Cost—$150.00 incl. range fees and loaner pistol, if needed. Prerequisites—Successful completion of NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course or verifiable minimum competency with handguns.

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NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home - Adv. CPL / CCW

Course Length – Minimum 14 hours. Develop the knowledge, skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective, responsible, and ethical use of a concealed pistol for self-defense outside the home. Students will spend about 9 hours in the classroom being introduced to; self-defense and concealed carry mindset, legal aspects of concealed carry and self-defense, carry modes and concealment options. An additional 5 hours of range time will include; presenting the pistol from concealment, basic presentation and shooting with movement, and advanced shooting techniques with malfunction clearing and speed reloading. Class is normally conducted over a 2 day period with classroom time and range time on separate days.

Cost – $200.00 incl. range fees. Student must supply suitable firearm in a defensive caliber (9mm or higher) and 200 rounds of ammunition. Prerequisites – Successful completion of NRA Basics Of Personal Protection In the Home course or equivalent.

Private Instruction / Coaching

Instruction in basic handgun / rifle safety and handling. Includes hands-on instruction in the proper care and maintenance of your firearm, including: field-stripping, cleaning and lubrication, and reassembly. We also cover safe storage. Coaching in proper shooting technique for both marksmanship and defensive accuracy.

Cost – $25.00 per person per hour (2 hour minimum) for 1 to 3 persons. Price does NOT include range fees or firearm rental. If you have access to property where it is SAFE and LEGAL to shoot, a trip to the range may not be necessary. This instruction is ideal for couples or families that wish to incorporate a firearm into their home protection strategy but are new to guns. This instruction does NOT qualify you for a concealed carry license (See “Personal Protection In the Home”)

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